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The Benefits of Single Storey Home Living

Feb 2

Single storey homes offer many benefits that make them a favourable living option for many people. These homes come with the potential of providing more space and cost-savings, in addition to a range of other advantages. From easy accessibility to greater privacy and security, there are several benefits that make single storey home living an attractive option.

In this article, we will explore the key benefits of single storey home living and how they can be beneficial in different contexts.

Financial Benefits

Lower initial cost

The lower initial cost is an important consideration for many first-time home buyers, and single storey homes offer a budget-friendly option. Single storey homes are typically less expensive than two or more storey homes due to the smaller amount of materials used in the construction process, as well as reduced labour costs. This can make them much more attractive for individuals with limited budgets or those who want to reduce their mortgage payments over time.

In addition to lower upfront costs, single storey homes may also present additional long-term savings due to their simpler design and increased energy efficiency. Single storey homes tend to have fewer windows and doors, making them better insulated from external elements like wind and rain. This can help reduce your overall energy bill in the long run by keeping your home cooler during summer months and warmer during winter months.

Reduced maintenance and energy costs

Single storey homes are becoming increasingly popular as they offer an array of benefits over multi-storey homes. Perhaps the most attractive advantage is the reduced maintenance and energy costs associated with single storey dwellings.

Given that one level requires less structural support, single storey homes tend to be more cost effective when it comes to construction and upkeep. Furthermore, in terms of energy efficiency, single storey abodes have a number of advantages due to their size. For instance, due to their compactness, heat from the sun can penetrate deeper into the building’s walls during winter months, thus providing insulation for those cold days. And in summer months, large roof eaves block out direct sunlight which helps keep temperatures lower than those in multi-storey homes.

Practical Benefits

Easier accessibility

Single storey homes are becoming increasingly popular for those looking for an easier lifestyle. These homes provide an alternative to the traditional two-storey home, allowing better access and convenience.

Single storey homes have a number of advantages over their two-storey counterparts, making them ideal for those who prefer not having to use stairs or other obstacles. Without having to worry about navigating staircases, single storey homeowners can get around their home with ease. This also makes it easier for elderly people or those with mobility issues as they don’t have to worry about climbing up and down flights of stairs.

Additionally, single storey homes often come with larger yards than most two-storey houses, providing more space outside the house for activities like gardening and entertaining guests.

Reduced noise impact

Single storey homes, also known as bungalows and ranch-style homes, have long been a popular choice for those seeking reduced noise impact. The benefit of having only one floor means that sounds are less likely to travel between levels, meaning occupants can enjoy more peace and quiet in their own home.

Not only does the absence of upper floors reduce noise from above, but single story dwellings also provide additional soundproofing benefits by blocking out external sources of noise pollution. In multi-storey properties, it can be difficult to eliminate sound travelling through walls or vibrations coming up through the floor - however this is not an issue with single storey properties which provide improved insulation against outside noises.

This makes them ideal for those living on busy roads or near airports where there is a lot of external noise.

Personal Benefits

More room for outdoor activities

Single storey homes are providing more room for outdoor activities. These homes offer a spacious backyard that allows for the perfect setting to entertain guests or spend time with family outdoors in the privacy of your own home. With their minimalist design, single storey homes create an open and airy atmosphere that promotes healthy living and recreational activities.

The increased space allows for the addition of outdoor amenities such as swimming pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens and fire pits which can be used year-round. An outdoor kitchen provides a convenient place to host barbecues or dinner parties while enjoying some fresh air. Fire pits are great for creating an inviting atmosphere on cool summer nights; they also look great as part of your landscape design. Swimming pools add value to your property while providing endless hours of entertainment during the warm summer months.


Single storey home living offers a variety of benefits that can benefit both first-time homeowners and those looking to downsize. Not only is it more affordable, but it also requires less maintenance and upkeep compared to multi-storey homes. Single storey homes also offer the advantage of privacy and an easier way to age in place if desired. Homeowners also have the option of expanding their living space outdoors with gardens or outdoor living spaces.